Thursday, August 6, 2009

And the Winner Is??? we go!!!! The winner of the Facebook Fan Page is.... (drumroll).... Holly Howard Walker!!! Come on down! Don't cha just love the Prices Right??!! What is funny about this Holly wrote "what did I win" and her name was actually picked.

What did Holly win?? Well, she won a fleur de lis sign and a scrabble tile pendant with a very sassy chic crown on it.

I want to thank everyone for spreading the word about The Chic Housewife Fan Page on Facebook! Also, want to thank everyone for their support over the last few weeks on the loss of my dad. All the kind words did help lift my spirits when I needed it.

Until the next giveaway!!!


Beyond the Nest said...

Love your blog and totally agree-shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. Not that I'd know about the psychiatrist part--although some may think it would be a good idea:) but it's a good excuse to shop! Karen

missy said...

CONGRATS to the FB winner!!!!
hope you are doing better each day!!!!!!


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