Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girls Night Out~ Funky Junk Sister's Show

Hey everyone! This show is BIGGER and BETTER then the first one!!!
For our second show we are doing a Girls Night Out!

click on above to go to there website

This will happen on friday night October 23, 2009 from 6pm-9pm
Tickets are on sale now!
~ tickets are just for friday night ~
We are raising money to fight against breast cancer. We will have giveaways and a raffle... Debi Ward Kennedy will be doing a wonderful display for our raffle~ Think Pink!
Shopping ~ Music ~ Shopping ~ Food ~ Shopping ~ Fun ~ Shopping
Can you tell there will be a lot of shopping??! We are setting up for some pampering too... shhh! Don't tell our husbands!!! Hahaha
!!!More Vendors!!!
Don't forget you can do more shopping on Saturday~ October 24, 2009 from 10am-6pm
Early Birds can get in from 8am-10am
Don't forget that Timi will be doing her Travelin' Junk Bus to the show!
There is just fun to be had all around...
Funky Junk Sister's are here to stay!!!! Let's get ready for a party!
!!!You don't want to miss this!!!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twilight in Forks, WA

While my sister, Linda was out with our mother enjoying the wonderful town of Sumner (checkout her post)... My other sister, Patty and I took my girls to Forks, Washington to see everything about Twilight!

The ride up there was long, but so beautiful. On our way there was a gas station that had a banner that said "Edward Collins has a Crush on you" (for Crush soda). I read this aloud and Savannah just plushed and asked me if it had her last name on it... Oh to be young again!!! As soon as we saw the welcome sign to Forks we had to stop and take a pic.

Next, we just had to check out this store called "Dazzled by Twilight". Savannah was in heaven... knowing we were doing this all for her.

MaKenna enjoyed everthing too... She got more excited while we were there about the whole Twilight thing.
We really enjoyed the store "Dazzled by Twilight"! They were so creative in the designing of the store with having a tree placed right in the middle and the black light making everything glow. The girls walked away with a sweat shirt that reads~ Forget Princess... I want to be a Vampire! Savannah had to pose with her crush... Edward Collins (Robert Pattinson).

We had a blast eating at the Forks' Coffee Shop and seeing the High School. Next, time I would suggest going to the visitor center and getting a map. One of my friends said you can go to Bella and Edward's homes... that would of been neat to see! The truck that Bella drove was also there somewhere.. we just missed a few things. The visitor center was not open when we were there. Bummer!!! After the new movie comes out we will have to go visit Forks, Washington again!!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

And the Winner Is???

Ok...here we go!!!! The winner of the Facebook Fan Page is.... (drumroll).... Holly Howard Walker!!! Come on down! Don't cha just love the Prices Right??!! What is funny about this Holly wrote "what did I win" and her name was actually picked.

What did Holly win?? Well, she won a fleur de lis sign and a scrabble tile pendant with a very sassy chic crown on it.

I want to thank everyone for spreading the word about The Chic Housewife Fan Page on Facebook! Also, want to thank everyone for their support over the last few weeks on the loss of my dad. All the kind words did help lift my spirits when I needed it.

Until the next giveaway!!!


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