Friday, January 16, 2009

I out did myself!

My very good friends at Sweet Peas Boutique in Lake Stevens, Washington gave me some cabinet doors to see what I can do with them... They were sitting in my garage for a few weeks, because I had know idea what I was going to do with them. Then, they were in the house after Jackie wrote to ask how they were coming...the doors just kept staring at me everytime I walked by them. Another, week went by and they finally made into my craft room. I tossed a couple of ideas out to the Sweet Pea gals... but, I was never really happy with either of the ideas. So, a few more days looking at them... it just was not coming to me. I wasn't seeing the vision.

This morning my daughter was home sick. Even being sick she is the sweetest thing ever. Then the idea popped in to my head. Today was the day! I am going to finish this once and for all. This is the finished project~ Enjoy and they will be at Sweet Peas very soon!

1 comment:

Jackie and Jessica said...

This was so creative! I'm glad you did these! Love them!


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