Friday, February 27, 2009

Farm Junk to Vintage Chic

I have been just itchin' to go junking or to flea markets! Spring is almost here... and so will be many shows. I can not wait! Check back to find out what I have found or where I will be going. People will be getting rid of their old junk which will be my new found treasures.

Here is a piece I found last summer (at a garage sale) that I repainted and added some glass knobs. On the top I added chalkboard paint... to write a menu on or a greeting for my guests. Yes.. I did paint it that way. The more distressed the more I like it =)


CRICKET said...

I dumpster dived last month, well not really, my neighbor left a pencil post bed in the alley and when she saw that I snagged them offered up an old dresser. I want to paint the dresser black because it is in bad shape. Can you offer any tips on painting furniture, do you sand? prime? matte paint? Thanks in advance!

Two Laughing Hens said...

I love your idea to put the chalkboarad paint on the top! It looks great!!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love this! I have a couple of pieces of furniture that I am itching to redo. I may come back for some tips since yours came out so great!


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