Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Romantic ideas for Valentine's Day

Some romantic ideas for Valentine's Day~

"Chalk" Full of Love~

Use sidewalk chalk~ the kids will enjoy this too.
Take the kids outside and tell them you are going to draw special pictures for daddy or mommy on the sidewalk. Say things like "We love you", "Your beautiful", or "Your my special someone" along with hearts and your drawings. When they arrive home they will be excited about the effort you went through for them. Take some pics to share year after year. "Who would of ever thought chalk could be so romantic?"

Romantic Website~ What a great idea!!!

Last year for Valentines Day I wanted to do something thoughtful for my wife.
My friend suggested the idea of making a romantic website for her.
I fell in love with the idea, and put together a website with a whole bunch of pictures and poems dedicated to how much I love her.
It was so perfect! She absolutely LOVED it!
When I made it, I made the domain name
So when we were at the compouter one day, I suggested that she should look up for fun, just to see if anything came up.
Instantly, up popped the website I had made for her.
She was speechless!
To this day her face lights up whenever she tells people the story of her romantic website.

It was definately the most romantic thing I've ever done!

One White Rose~ He is a keeper!

My girlfriend went crazy over this one!
I bought a bouqeut of a dozen roses.
11 of them were red, and one of them was white.
I put the white one in the middle of the bouquet, with a note attatched that said "Like this rose, your beauty stands out amoung the rest."
She loved it!

Romantic coupons are a great gift idea~ They're fun, flirty and always very romantic!
- Plus they're FREE!
Here's how they work..

A love coupon is like small promissory note that you give to your partner.
When they present the coupon to you, you do whatever that coupon stipulates.
They can say for example: "Good For One Free Foot Rub", or "Good For One Free Candlelight Dinner".
Then you have to do what the coupon says.

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