Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July family fun!

Whoohoo! What a party!!! Most of the family came up for the 4th of July festivities... lots of food, fun, and music!
Playing on the jukebox around the homestead has been Michael Jackson to remember all the good times that we had growing up listening to him... made us feel like kids again! R.I.P. Michael!

Oh...all the food!!! Patty & her husband (Troy) came over from Spokane, Washington. They spent all of friday touring around Pikes Place Market. Picked up some Mick's hot pepper jelly for some snacks. We have cream cheese with hot pepper jelly poured over the top and wheat thin crackers are used for dipping. Yummy!!! Next, we made Red Velvet cupcakes with white frosting and blue sprinkles...tying in with the red, white, and blue theme of the day. I also made homemade cheesecake. My nephew, Travis, requested my famous (at least with the family) pasta salad... always the perfect hangover remedy =) My hubby made the classic cheese burgers and hot dogs. Linda & Joe brought over some wonderful trout that Joe caught on his last fishing trip to Alaska. Everything was very good!!

Next, was the fun! The guys left the house around 3:00 pm in search for the best deal on fireworks...lol They are so funny! Hunting for rabbit (fireworks)... so about 6 I made the call... we are hungry and the kids are restless. Lucky enough they were just down the street. We sat around on the deck talking about the ol' days... how times have changed on how we celebrate Independence Day. Remembering growning up in the town of Deer Park and who we see over the year. After the dinner is done we head on down to the beach to light off fireworks. Like every year the guys do a wonderful job!
We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Independence Day! xoxo

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