Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Year was 1972

The year was 1972 in a small town called Deer Park. My family built their own home on a few acre property... life was much simpler. They had cows, horses, and chickens that roamed the land.
That summer they brought home a brand new baby girl. My parents were no strangers at having kids for as I was the 4th to be born. My dad named me after my mom... probably because he knew I would turn out just like her!
Today is my birthday!!! I am looking back at the years that have past.
I remember getting older and having our german sheperd as our babysitter...and he was a good one. If anyone would drive onto our property "Duke" would be right on their car window not letting them out of the car. Those poor door to door salesman. I miss that dog!!! I also remember the long walk from the bus stop to our house which was about a mile. For a 5 year old walking home from the kindergarten bus that was a long walk. In todays world I don't even let my kids out of my site!!! As the years passed and I grew older and more independant... like riding my bike into town over the summer when I was 9... no parent supervision until my mom came home (which we knew better to be home before mom) Would I trust my kids...probably! Do I trust way!!! All summer long we would see almost all of our school friends for as the Deer Park pool was the place to be. When I walk into the rec center and smell the chlorine ~ flashbacks of that simpler time comes to mind.
I grew up in this small town with the same kids all through school. This is what I want for my own children.. a simpler time. To have life long friends. Someday!!! As for today I am in love with the most wonderful man and have two special little girls. My oldest daughter~ my husband said we should of named her after me...she is just like me in every way. One day they will look back and hopefully have wonderful stories to tell about growing up. xoxo

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With Loving Stitches said...

A very happy birthday to you! It is so nice to share memories with others when they are so sweet.

love love love the song by the way!

One of my favorites.


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