Saturday, September 19, 2009

Country Sampler Magazine Ad!

We are in Country Sampler this month... I am very excited! It is small, but so worth it! This is a wonderful magazine to get into and spread the word about your products. It is time for growth! I have been wanting to do some advertising and wasn't quite sure where to start... then out of the blue I received an email from one of their advertising specialist. With a great special for their fall issue. Everything is done so far in advance... I didn't have anything ready for a christmas product, except one last sign that was left over from last christmas.
So what the heck! I wrapped it up and sent it off with my payment. Now the wait is over!

I am now offering vinyl lettering, signs, jewelry, and furniture... growing in other areas are clothing and kitchen accessories (more to come shortly) In the near future we will also be offering burlap pillows made by moi! You might even find me doing a few website designs.... that is a work in progress.

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Let it Shine said...

That sign is AWESOME!



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