Friday, September 4, 2009

The Life of a Housewife!

Something that I was thinking about today... while I was trying to do so many of my daily duties. Am I a typical housewife? With all of the day to day things that we women have to do are we really called housewives anymore? Yes, we clean the house and take care of the children... but, it seems to me that we do so much more than that!

My day started off cooking for the kiddos and then mopping the floors... next, it was off to my home office to take care of some computer business and before you know it is time for lunch. I have to feed the kids again. After that... the laundry calls what a chore that is! Back to the computer to help promote our businesses (plus a little bit of facebook) and designing new signs for one of my stores. Time flies browsing the web! Now the animals want something from me FOOD. While I am outside I might as well do some cleaning up around the yard. Time for dinner! This evening activities included going to a nephew's football game. Tomorrow there are a whole bunch of other things to do... finish shopping for back to school.

I am not sure you would say that this is a typical day for some it just might be. Thinking we should be called Super Housewives.

1 comment:

missy said...

i will have to agree with you!!!!!!
SUPER sounds good to me!!!!


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