Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wild Junkin Good Time!

As you know I love the Farm Chicks and their show!!! A++ in my book! For years I have traveled back to my home town to visit my favorite show The Farm Chicks and every year I have people ask me all about it. They wish they could go, however, never enough time to check it out themselves.
This year my sister and I our going to have our very own show over here in Western Washington! We thought that everyone should be able to experience what I have for years. We are the Funky Junk Sisters! Come check us out and have a wild junkin good time!

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Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Hi Girls, I have tried to leave you a comment several times with no luck, so today I thought I'd try again and see what happens. First, Thank you for the visit, we are new to blogging, and its always so nice to see a visitor. I'm hoping to surprise my daughters and bring them to your show, it will be a great break for us, after working day and night getting ready for The Farm Chicks Show!!! But, its all good, we love every part of the journey.. We wish you much success with your show and hope you can make it to our first show in October, The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market..... If you make it to the Farm Chicks this week-end,please stop by and say Hi!!! Gladys and Celia/


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