Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Funky Junk Weekend!

Sorry this has taken me a few days to post... I needed to recoop after a long fun field weekend of selling and buying. First, I would like to thank every single person that helped to make this 1st ever Funky Junk Sister Show such a success! For the last few months my sister (Linda) and I worked really hard at getting the word out on the, finding all the wonderful vendors. Each and everyone of the vendors were extra special in their own way. And none of them let us down! They actually surpassed every expectation that we even had... the displays and their products were beautiful.
An extra special THANK YOU to Debi Ward Kennedy and her hubby Bob for helping us with a vendor presentation on friday night. It was super helpful and many people thanked us for having you there.
The ladies of the Today Country Store were a hoot! They were going to do a decorating seminar on Saturday, however, people were to busy shopping and having a good time to check it out. We will plan that better for next time =)
I hope everyone that came to the show had a wonderful time and found some great treasures! Here are a few pics that we took along the way =)
Photo from above the night before the show.

People lined up by the door before we opened. Die hard shoppers! =)

The Funky Junk Sister's Booth.

This was COOLBOB JUNK's Booth. They had the most beautiful flowers displayed in their booth!

Of Course the Today's Country Store!

Here is the table that I had posted earlier that I had redone in RED! Turned out super cute!!!

Here is the bed and stool that was also in the last post... the bed we made into a bench and I recovered the stool~ ooh la la!

And our fridge... it looked so cute all fixed up! I called her "Betty" she is as vintage as Betty ever was =) This lovely lady purchased Betty for here painting studio.

Hope everyone enjoyed the pics and I am sure I will have more over the next couple of days to share... I am trying to talk my sister into doing a Fall Show. So, stay tuned! xoxo


Funky Junk Sisters said...

Good job, Dix. You are really gonna have to do some sweet talking to get me to do a fall show!

Funky Junk Sister #2

Jill said...

Love that red table and chairs! Thanks for a wonderful time!


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